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  • Product details: Humanity RPM-150S4EM 4E1 PDH mux realizes 4xE1+1xEthernet+1xRS232 over fiber.Main Feature       Line bit rate is 150Mbps       Complies with ITU-T G.7...
  • Product details: RPM-150S4EN 4E1+4Ethernet PDH multiplexer realizes 4E1 and 4Ethernet over fiber. Both AC and DC power are offered.Main Feature      AC and DC power.  ...
  • Product details: RPM-150S8EM 8E1 PDH multiplexer realizes 1~8E1 transmission over fiber. One Ethernet is also available for option.Main Feature·         Single board d...
  • Product details:   Features  RPM-150S 8EN PDH is the point to point fiber transmitted device based on the SLSI. It realizes 8E1 and one 100M Ethernet over fiber. The i...
  • Product details: Humanity 16E1 PDH multiplexer realizes 1~16E1 and Ethernet transmission over fiber.Main Feature:       Default with dual fiber, single mode, 40km     ...
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