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Multiple service over STM-1 multiplexer realizes multiple service over STM-1 optical with 155.52Mbps. 3slots available to offer customized services.It's with 1U 19inches, compact design and easy maintenance.


This device can be used as Terminal Multiplexer (TM) or an Add-Drop-Multiplexer (ADM) to build a point-to-point, ring or chain transmission network.

Main Features

  •       1U 19inch design
  •       2xSFP optical ports available for option
  •       3x service cards available for option
  •       Maximum available functions for option: E1, 10/100M Ethernet, 10/100/1000M Ethernet.
  •       Supports Remote power Down Detection (RPD) and Auto Laser Shutdown (ALS)




Customized service slot

2xSTM-1 optical interface

Comply with ITU-T G.957

Date rate: 155.52Mbps

Operation Mode: SDH/SONET

Optical: SFP/LC

Two optical available for 1+1 redundancy option

Various loopback control for easy maintenance

3xslots offered for customized services.

Available cards: GE cards(1xVCG, 4xVCG), FE card, E1 card

GE card for option(1xVCG,option)

4channel FE card(option

This card only insert in slot 3

1x optical GE and 1x electrical GE

Optical GE with SFP slot

SFP module not offered by default.

Optical port support ALS

Ethernet with MDI/MDIX, full/half duplex

Support 1xVCG.

Maximum available for 63xVC12(133Mb/s

Support QinQ


This card only insert in slot 3

4channel 10/100M Ethernet available to offer

4Ethernet support VLAN

Each port can relation to 1-4xVCG

Each VCG can integrate 1-4xFE ports with flexible bandwidth to realize Ethernet transmission over SDH network

E1 card (option)


These card can be insert in slot 1 and slot 2.

8E1 for one card.

Maximum 16E1 available by 2 cards

Connector: DB37.

Accessory: DB37/BNC adapter offered for 75ohm or DB37/RJ45 adapter offered for 120ohm.

One channel RS232 available

Order wire phone(option)


1channel order wire phone available for option

Support console and SNMP management



AC220V, DC-48V, AC+DC, AC+AC, DC+DC option

Power range: -36~-72V DC, 176~264V AC

With power switch

Power consumption: 15W±10%

Temperature: -5-50°C

Humidity: -40~ 70%




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