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HM-C118 Humanity Ethernet optical modem can make use of Ethernet data with N*64kbps(N=1…32) and one RS232 in optical channel. It’s widely used in the connection of PC network, FTTH etc.


Optical interface

Wavelength: 1310nm

Default: dual fiber, single mode, 40km

Default interface type: FC

Optical module is changeable

Ethernet interface

Comply with IEEE802.3 protocol standard, Ethernet full/half duplex configurable

One Ethernet with RJ45

Auto adapt 10/100M

Interface mode: full/half duplex

Auto adapt MDI/MDIX


RS232 data or *hyper terminal* option

Indicator light

POWER: power indicator light

LINK: Ethernet link indicator light

FDX: full/half duplex indicator light

BT: 10M or 100M indicator light

NOP: no optical alarm

OOF: lose of optical alarm

LOOP: loop back alarm


Power consumption: ≤3W

Operating temperature: 0°C~45°C

Relative humidity≤95%(25℃)

Application Diagram


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