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Humanity EOP HM-C800E 8E1 to FE converter realizes Ethernet transmission over 1~8E1. This model adopts with new international protocol (G.7041、G.7042G.7043、G.8040) at all layers and able to intercommunicate with third party device followed same standard. 

Main Feature

  •       Support auto delete the fault E1 channels (BER more than 1E-6 or a serious warning LOS/AIS/LOF or the signal loop back); Auto-restore the use of E1 after eliminate the failure.

  •      For 8E1 channels, the maximum tolerable time delay difference between any two can be up to 220ms. It will have an alarm for exceed the limit when the time delay difference over 220ms, meanwhile, business interrupt jitter tolerance, jitter transfer characteristics in the line with ITU-T G.823. 

  •       E1 automatic test loop back and cut off function. The E1 channel will be cut off once find E1 signal loop back. Auto-restore the use of E1 after release. Avoid the network storm without interrupting operations.

  •       Support local E1 channel loop, facilitate to test E1 channels

  •       Ethernet data will not be damaged if enlarge or reduce the transmission bandwidth by means of network management.

Technical Parameters

E1 interface

E1: 8 E1 channel

According to ITU-T G.703

Velocity: 2.048Mbit/s ± 50ppm

Impedance: 75Ω unbalanced or 120Ω balanced optional

Jitter index: comply with ITU-TG.823 standard

Connector: BNC or RJ45 optional. DB37 with device and able to be with 8 RJ45(120Ω) or 16 BNC(75Ω) by 2pcs adaptor.

Ethernet interface

One Ethernet

Connector: RJ-45

According to IEEE 802.3 Recommendation

Auto adapt 10/100M, full/half duplex

Auto support flow control(back press control in half duplex and pause flow control in full duplex)

MAC address table capability: 1024

MAC address table aging time: 5 minutes

Minimum frame length: 64 bytes

Maximum frame length: 4096bytes

Indicator light

Alarm/remote: Indicator lights for local or remote option

Alarm/Mask: whether the alarm will be masked option

POWER1 and POWER2: power indicator light for AC and DC

LINK: for Ethernet connection status

ALR: general alarm. Indicates there is alarm.

L1~L8: indicates 1~8 E1 alarm.

DIP SEL1,2=OFF, OFF. L1~L8 indicates LOS

DIP SEL1,2=ON, ON. L1~L8 indicates AIS

DIP SEL1,2=ON, OFF. L1~L8 indicates LOOP

DIP SEL1,2=OFF,ON. L1~L8 indicates LOF

Management (option)

RS232 interface for hyper terminal network management

Power supply

AC and DC redundancy power

Power consumption: less than 10W


Operating temperature: -5℃~50℃

Relative humidity: 0%~95%, non-condensing

Application Diagram



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