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Humanity HM-C200B 4E1 to Ethernet converter realizes Ethernet transmission over 1~4E1. This model complies with ITU-T G.7041, G.7042, G.7043, G.8040 and able to work with third party device followed same protocol.

Main Feature: 

  •        Realize Ethernet data transmission over 1~4E1
  •       Comply with ITU-T G.7041, G.7042, G.7043, G.8040. It’s able to work with third party device followed same standard ITU protocol.
  •       Support auto delete the fault E1 channels (BER more than 1E-6 or a serious warning LOS/AIS/LOF or the signal loop back); Auto-restore the use of E1 after eliminate the failure.
  •       The E1 spur track on both ends can be connected not according to the serial number. If one E1 channel fails, the rest channels can still work.
  •       For 4E1 channels, the maximum tolerable time delay difference between any two can be up to 220ms. 

Technical Parameters

E1 interface


Code rate: 2048Kbps±50ppm

Connector: BNC for 75Ωand RJ45 for 120Ω

Line code: HDB3

Electric characteristic: comply with ITU-T G.703 standard

Jitter index: comply with ITU-T G.823 standard

Ethernet interface

4 Ethernet interface

Connector: RJ45

Fully comply with IEEE802.3

4 Ethernet interfaces with VLAN, comply with IEEE802.1Q

Auto adapt MDI/MDIX

Data rate: 10/100Mbps auto-negotiation

MAC address table capability: 1024

Minimum frame length: 64bytes

Maximum frame length: 1916bytes

Bandwidth: ≈n×E1(n=0~4)

Default setting: 4×E1 ≈7.92Mbps

Network management

RS232 hyper terminal or SNMP optional

Please advise SNMP management when in order if required.

Alarm indicator

LINK1~4: 1~4 channel Ethernet indicator light

ALR: general indicator light

L01-L04: E1 spur track alarm indicator for different status

Local/remote: local or remote alarm option switch

Alarm/mask: alarm/mask choice switch

DIP SEL switch

SEL1~SEL2: control L01~L04 indicator contents

SEL3: loop back control switch

SEL4: VLAN control switch

Power supply

Voltage: AC and DC

Power consumption: less than 10W


Work temperature: -5°C~50°C

Storage temperature: -40~70°C

Relative humidity: ≤95%, non-condensing


Application diagram


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