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HM-C8V 8 Channel Digital Video Multiplexer is a fiber optic digital multiplexer for transmitting 8 channel high quality, uncompressed digital video, 8 channels of bi-directional data and audio, 4 E1 and one 100M Ethernet over a single fiber cable.
Applications for this product include CCTV, video surveillance, homeland security, ITS and etc.

Technology Characteristics
-> Each interface use the routine or conventional habits of customers physical interface, such as the use of diameter 3.5mm audio socket, data (RS485, RS422, RS232) and the use of common terminal block for key.
-> Perfect lightning protection design. Lightning injuries can be effectively reduced.
-> Use the internal power supply, more reliable and easier to install.
-> Single fiber transmission, core fiber optional
-> PAL / NTSC / SECAM compatible, studio-level transmission quality.
-> Asynchronous data transmission rate up to 128Kbps or more.

-> Signal format: PAL/NTSC/SECAM
-> Nominal input and output level: 1V-P-P
-> Nominal input and output impedance: 75Ω
-> Bandwidth for each channel: 8.1MHz
-> Sampling frequency: 16.2MHz
-> Quantization levels: 8bit
-> Differential Gain: 1% (typical)
-> Differential Phase: 10 (typical value)
-> Weighted signal to noise ratio(SNR): 67dB (typical value)
-> Chrominance-luminance time delay inequality: 10ns (typical value)
-> Chrominance-luminance gain inequality: ± 10% (typical value)
Audio :
-> Sampling frequency: 25KHz
-> Quantization levels: 16bits
-> ADC(audio input) SNR: 89dB
-> DAC(audio output) SNR: 92dB
-> Nominal input and output level: 1.5VP-P
RS485 :
-> Receiver input sensitivity: maximum ±200mV
-> Receiver output current, IO: ±100mA
-> The maximum rate of transmitting and receiving: 200Kbps
RS422 :
-> Receiver input sensitivity: maximum ±200mV
-> Receiver output current, IO: ±100mA
-> The maximum rate of transmitting and receiving: 200Kbps
RS232 :
-> Transmitter output voltage: ±15V
-> Receiver input voltage: ±15V
-> The maximum rate of transmitting and receiving: 200Kbps
Ethernet :
-> Comply with IEEE802.3(2000)
-> Auto-adapt full/half duplex
-> Support maximum Ethernet data frame length: 1536
-> Transmission rate: 10M/100M adaptive
-> Maximum bandwidth: wire speed 100Mbps
-> Current in the input end to the ground: less than 100mA
-> Maximum tolerance voltage in output end: DC220V
-> Maximum tolerance current in output end: 2A
-> Surge voltage in output end: 1500V 10X160μS
-> Action time: less than 4mS
-> Maximum action frequency: 20 times/min
-> Output key natural life: more than 100 thousand times (2A 30V DC) -> More than 500 thousand times (1A 30V DC
Optical interface :
-> Transmission distance:
0~20km (single mode, standard type)
0~60km (single mode, long distance type)
0~2km (multi mode, standard type)

General characteristics
-> Power: 220VAC+20%, 50Hz
-> Power consumption: 6W (one end)
-> Work temperature: -20℃ ~+70℃
-> Storage temperature: -40℃~+80℃
-> Relative humidity: 0~95%(non-condensing)
-> Device dimension: 316*164*33mm
-> Package dimension: 430*290*100mm

Packing List
-> Transmitter/receiver: one each
-> User manual: one
-> Power cord: two
-> BNC coaxial connector: 16pcs

 Typical Application Diagram


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