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HM-C16V 16 Channel Digital Video Multiplexer is two fiber optic digital multiplexer for transmitting 16 channel high quality, uncompressed digital video, 8 channels of bi-directional data and audio, 4 E1 and one 100M Ethernet over a single fiber cable.
Applications for this product include CCTV, video surveillance, homeland security, ITS and etc.

Technology Characteristics
-> Transport 16 channels of High quality video over one optical fiber cable
-> Exceed RS250C Medium Haul Specification for DG, DP and SNR
-> 6.5MHz video bandwidth, Compatible with NTSC, PAL and SECAM
-> Uncompressed video, 8 Bit digital encoding/decoding
-> Transmission of 8 channels of any directional audio
-> Provide 8 channels of bi-dir data compatible with RS232, RS422/ RS485
-> Support 4 E1, G.703 standard
-> One 10M/100M Ethernet compatible with IEEE802.3
-> Easy installation and adjustment free
-> Transmission up to 60KM over one fiber

-> Signal format: PAL/NTSC/SECAM
-> Nominal input and output level: 1V-P-P
-> Nominal input and output impedance: 75Ω
-> Bandwidth for each channel: 6.5MHz
-> Sampling frequency: 13MHz
-> Quantization levels: 8bit
-> Differential Gain: 1% (typical)
-> Differential Phase: 10 (typical value)
-> Weighted signal to noise ratio(SNR): 67dB (typical value)
-> Chrominance-luminance time delay inequality: 10ns (typical value)
-> Chrominance-luminance gain inequality: ± 10% (typical value)
Audio :
-> Sampling frequency: 25KHz
-> Quantization levels: 16bits
-> ADC(audio input) SNR: 89dB
-> DAC(audio output) SNR: 92dB
-> Nominal input and output level: 1.5VP-P
RS485 :
-> Receiver input sensitivity: maximum ±200mV
-> Receiver output current, IO: ±100mA
-> The maximum rate of transmitting and receiving: 200Kbps
RS422 :
-> Receiver input sensitivity: maximum ±200mV
-> Receiver output current, IO: ±100mA
-> The maximum rate of transmitting and receiving: 200Kbps
RS232 :
-> Transmitter output voltage: ±15V
-> Receiver input voltage: ±15V
-> The maximum rate of transmitting and receiving: 200Kbps
Ethernet :
-> Comply with IEEE802.3(2000)
-> Auto-adapt full/half duplex
-> Support maximum Ethernet data frame length: 1536
-> Transmission rate: 10M/100M adaptive
-> Maximum bandwidth: wire speed 100Mbps
-> Current in the input end to the ground: less than 100mA
-> Maximum tolerance voltage in output end: DC220V
-> Maximum tolerance current in output end: 2A
-> Surge voltage in output end: 1500V 10X160μS
-> Action time: less than 4mS
-> Maximum action frequency: 20 times/min
-> Output key natural life: more than 100 thousand times (2A 30V DC) -> More than 500 thousand times (1A 30V DC
Optical interface :
-> Transmission distance:
0~20km (single mode, standard type)
0~60km (single mode, long distance type)
0~2km (multi mode, standard type)

General characteristics
-> Power : 220VAC/50Hz, standalone device
-> Power Consumption : < 5W
-> Environment Temperature : 0℃-50℃
-> Net Weight : 2kg

Typical Application Diagram


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