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The 19inch standard integrated chassis with 4U height is designed for telephone & Ethernet multiplexer, with maximum capacity of 12pieces cards for 8channel telephone+1 Ethernet, and 2pieces cards for power.
Two power modules for power supply are available for chassis. The power can be two DC-48V, or two AC220V or one DC-48V and one AC220V. The two power modules are with hot standby and controlled by separate switches.

Interface Parameters:
FXO/FXS interface:
-> Connector: RJ45
-> Channel: 8channels for each card


-> One Ethernet offered for each card

-> Auto adapt 10/100M, full/half duplex

Optical interface:
-> Transmit Mode : Single/ Multi-mode
-> Module : Single/Double Fiber
-> Interface : FC/SC/ST
-> Wavelength : 1310nm/1550nm
-> Distance : 2Km/40Km/60Km/120Km
(Standard Setup : Single-mode/Double Fiber/1310nm/40Km)

RS232 Interface:
-> 2xRS232 for each card available
-> Connector: RJ45

Typical Application Diagram



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