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Humanity 8E1 PDH multiplexer offers maximum 8E1+4Ethernet+order wire phone+RS232 over fiber. Optical 1+1 option, power 1+1 option. ALS offered.

Main Feature:

  •       ALS available to protect eyes during installation
  •       Fiber 1+1, power 1+1 option to ensure stable system..
  •       4 Ethernet ports, order wire phone, CONSOLE/SNMP/WEB NMS optional. Please state the requirement when in order.
  •       E1 spur track loop back testing features, easy to be installed and maintenance.
  •       Optical optional by customer’s requirement.

Technical Parameters

E1 interface

8E1 with DB37 connector

E1 rate: 2.048Mb/s±50ppm

Code type: HDB3

E1 comply with ITU-T G.703, G.7042

Jitter comply with ITU-T G.823 and G.742

E1 with DB37. Be able to be with 75Ω(BNC)  or 120Ω(RJ45) by adaptor in the accessory


Optical rate: 150Mbps

Default: dual fiber, single mode, 40km

Default connector: FC (SC/ST optional)

Protection switch: 1+1 function optional

Receiver sensitivity: -34dBm to -8dBm



4 Ethernet ports with RJ45 connector

MAC address table capability: 1024

MAC address table aging time

The minimum frame length: 64bytes

The maximum frame length: 1916 bytes

Working mode: full/half duplex configurable

Support VLAN, Stream control

Bandwidth: 4 Ethernet ports shared 100M

Orderwire phone


Standard 2-wire phone set

Bandwidth: 64Kbps

Coding: PCM

Orderwire phone function optional

Connector: RJ11

Indicator light

F1,F2: the first or second fiber in use. (for the fiber 1+1 function)

ALR: the general alarm for local and remote.

NOP: no optical alarm

LOF: Loss optical synchronous

IE-3, IE-6: alarm for error code rate

LOS1~LOS4 for 1~4E1: The reference E1 spur tack lose signal

PLED1, PLED2: the two power indicator light

ALARM/MUTE button for masking the sound


Power with 1+1 function


Operating temperature: -10~60°C

Relative humidity≤95%(25℃)

Relative humidity: 0~95%, noncondensing

Application Diagram: 

Order Information:


Product Description


8E1 PDH multiplexer, optical and power redundancy option, order wire phone, RS232 option


8E1+Ethernet PDH multiplexer, optical and power redundancy option, order wire phone, RS232 option


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