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  RPM-150S 8EN PDH is the point to point fiber transmitted device based on the SLSI. It realizes 8E1 and one 100M Ethernet over fiber. The integrated rate is high, the power consumption is low, the capability is steady and easy to use.

  Technology Characteristics

  -> The device have 4 Ethernet port ,it can setup whether isolation or not isolate for every Ethernet through on-off setting.

  -> Fiber circuitry speed is 150Mbps.

  -> E1 port code is HDB3,E1 dithering ,transfer speciality, export dithering according to ITU-T G.703、G823 and G.742

  -> Ethernet port ,supports auto-negotiation for 10M/100M and half/full duplex working mode.

  -> Self-contained alarm function ,can inspect the real time estate of terminal device.

  -> As the far-ending device ,can be combined to star-net with rack devices

  -> Supplies RS232 network manage port.

  -> Supplies one customer RS232 data channel.

  -> Single board design, 1U, and 19 Inch standard.

  Interface Parameters

  Optical interface:

  -> Transmit Mode : Single/ Multi-mode

  -> Module : Single/Double Fiber

  -> Interface : FC/SC/ST

  -> Wavelength : 850nm/1310nm/1550nm

  -> Distance : 2Km/40Km/60Km/120Km

  E1 interface:

  -> Bit rate : 2.048Mb/s , ±50ppm

  -> Impedance: unbalanced 75Ωand balanced 120Ω

  -> HDB3 coding: compliant with ITU-T G.703

  -> Jitter: complies with ITU-T G.823 and G.742. Seeing appendix

  Ethernet interface:

  -> Minimum frame length: 64 bytes

  -> Maximum frame length: 1536 bytes

  -> MAC address aging time: 5 minutes

  General characteristics

  -> Input power voltage: Permit -36V ~ -72V (DC) when -48V

  Permit ~165V ~ ~264V when AC220V

  -> Power Consumption : < 5W

  -> Environment Temperature : 0℃-50℃

  -> Size : 483×160×44mm

  -> Net Weight : 2Kg

  Typical Application Diagram



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